20 Rock Musicians Who Shocked The World



Although rock musicians are known for their controversial attitudes, shocking performances and substance abuse, these 20 musicians have taken the shock effect to the next level.   We present you the most infamous, disturbed and violent musicians who have gained worldwide notoriety: murderers, sex offenders, Satanists, racists and misanthropes whose life stories will shock you.

1. The Mentors

Known for their sexist shock rock lyrics, the Mentors called themselves the creators of ‘rape rock’, combining the heavy metal sound with extremely shocking lyrics about degrading women.  For example, “Golden Showers,” “On the Rag,” and “Service Me or Be Smacked’’ are just some of their many disturbing song titles.

Not only did they write such horrid lyrics, they also wore executioner masks while performing, claiming that people actually want ‘rape rock’.  They gained widespread media attention, appearing on the Jerry Springer Show, but became truly notorious when the lyrics of ‘’Golden Shower’’ were read publicly in Congress, during the famous PMRC hearings:

‘’Listen little girl it´s near the hour
Come with me and take golden shower
Listen little slut, do as you´re told
Come with daddy for me to pour the gold
Golden shower, it´s getting near the hour
For a golden shower,
I´ve got the righteous power
All through my excrements you shall roam
Open your mouth and taste the foam
Bend up and smell my anal vapor
Your face is my toilet paper’’

The most famous band member was definitely Eldon Hoke, known by his stage name ‘El Duce’, who claimed that that Courtney Love offered him $10,000 to kill Kurt Cobain.  Not long after the interview for Nick Broomfield’s documentary film, ‘’Kurt & Courtney’’, El Duce performed with the Mentors for one last time; he partied hard after the show, got wasted and stumbled onto a set of railroad tracks where a freight train struck him.

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