21 Craziest Rock ‘n’ Roll Sex Stories



If there’s anything rock stars are known for, it’s their crazy lifestyles. Of course, some live wilder lives than others. While the stories of rampant drug and alcohol abuse are always fun to hear, the sex stories seem to always be the most entertaining.

Here are 21 legendary rock ‘n’ roll sex stories that you won’t soon forget.

1. R Kelly Peed on an Underage Girl

R. Kelly is a pretentious and self-righteous prick who thinks he can get away with whatever just because he’s a famous person. Just think about his movie, Trapped In The Closet and the commentaries that went with it, in which he explains the movie pretty much frame by frame, while being completely serious and not at all sarcastic about it.

While his idiotic movie was no crime in itself, R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl was. The fact that he somehow beat the charges and got away with it doesn’t make it any less repulsive and wrong. And to add insult to injury, R. Kelly peed on the poor girl. Feeling powerful and strong probably gets him off. So let’s not forget about how awful he is and try to remember him not for “I Believe I Can Fly” but for the fact he had sex with a minor and peed on her.

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