21 Iconic Music Videos With Amazing Cameos



Everyone loves a great video. It can make the song ten times better. But, if it’s lame, it can nearly ruin the tune. Today, we will be looking at some of the best actor cameos in music videos of all time. We chose some because they were unexpected, we chose some because they were sexy, we chose some because the cameos really made the videos.

In any case, they contribute to the video and to the song. You will also notice that some of the stars in the videos were not famous at the time and that they actually jumpstarted their careers with these appearances. Others were at the peak of their glory when they did these cameos. In any case, here are some truly great music videos with amazing actors’ cameos.

1. Angelina Jolie in Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through by Meatloaf

Meatloaf used to be a huge star in the world of music and even though he is not making any notable music these days, he used to sell millions of records and come up with the craziest videos that were always theatrical and never boring.

One of his most famous videos was made by none other than Michael Bay who would later go on to make Bad Boys, Armageddon and like a billion Transformers movies. The reason why the video for his song Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through made our list is the appearance by then very young Angelina Jolie who was still just a model. Keep in mind that the video was made in 1993.

Like always in Meatloaf’s videos, this one is also creepy, gothic and busy as hell. The extra creepy moments come when the 50-something singer obviously chats up young Angie.

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