21 Musicians Who Are Ripe For Retirement


"Rod Stewart: The Hits." Launches At The Colosseum At Caesars Palace

It’s not that easy giving up a career in music, especially if you have tasted success. The money is ridiculous, the lifestyle is insane and the adoration you get from the fans and occasional listeners is better than any drug.

Unfortunately for us the fans, this means that many of our favorite musicians keep milking it, putting out music that is way beneath them and becoming a nuisance.

The 21 musicians that we have chosen for our “it would be best if they retired already” list have all had some serious success over the years but they are just not doing it for anyone anymore. They’re doing it only for themselves. And that is why they ended up on our list.

1. Rod Stewart

Remember that old episode of South Park in which the people of the town pressure Jesus into doing something really spectacular to mark the Y2K? He decides to organize a Rod Stewart concert which ends up being a total fail with Rod appearing on the stage in wheelchair, senile out of his mind and unable to produce any sounds apart from some moans.

That episode was aired around the New Year’s Eve 1999 and that tells you quite a lot about how much Rod has overstayed his welcome. It is quite baffling that he is still making music and that he is still touring. But he is.

He definitely doesn’t need the money since he has made a fortune over the 500 years he has been active. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to admit he is getting old. And the truth is he isn’t. He is getting ancient. We just hope he finally admits it.

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