20 Reasons Why Madonna Is Overrated



Even if you are her biggest fan ever, you have to agree that Madonna has outstayed her welcome. Even if you believe that she is everything that people make her out to be, there is really no point in her trying to cling to an image that made sense 30 or 20 or even 10 years ago.

Now, do not get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with advancing age, but there comes a point when trying to ignore it and battle it becomes futile and perhaps even sad. If only that were her only problem. We got 21 more reasons why we think Madonna is overrated, and always has been, and we would like to share them with you.

1. She’s everywhere

If she would only stick with music, we might even consider letting her be absolutely everywhere when it comes to music. Maybe. Probably not, but there is a definite chance. The main problem we have with Ms. Madonna is that she is like a horror movie tentacle monster that seeps and creeps into everything she gets her eye on. With mostly disastrous consequences.

Perhaps the best illustration of this is her movie career that spanned over decades but which has, fortunately, spawned only a handful of cinematic catastrophes that we are still recovering from. It is truly difficult to decide which of her past movies feels the most like hearing someone drag their fingernails across a blackboard.

Perhaps it is Shanghai Surprise with her then-beau Sean Penn? Perhaps it’s Body of Evidence, where she gave one of her worst performances ever? Or perhaps it is a more modern piece of cinema drivel, Swept Away? Your choice.

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