21 True Stories Behind Epic Songs



Some legendary songs are about absolutely nothing, while others have deep meanings behind them. A lot of great songs come from interesting personal experiences and stories from the lives of the people who wrote them. These seem to be the ones that more people seem to identify with, because they deal with topics that are either unbelievable or very relatable.

Here is a list of 21 songs that have awesome stories behind them:

1. Adele, “Someone Like You”

Adele has a voice that can really bring emotion to just about any song. So when you combine her powerful voice with very emotional lyrics, it’s definitely a win-win situation. Her biggest hit actually comes from a very personal story. It’s a story about real heartache and the pain of losing someone that you loved a lot. It’s not only about losing that person, it’s about realizing and knowing that you are never going to get them back, even though you would want them back.

According to Adele, this song is all about finding out that the one true love of your life has moved on from you. It’s about seeking out your true love and discovering that they have a new person in their life and that they have turned a new leaf. You can really hear the pain in Adele’s voice, especially when she talks about how she is looking to find this feeling again. Hopefully she has better luck next time, because we wouldn’t want her to go through the same type of loss again.

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