21 Worst Comebacks In The History Of Music



Bands love to reunite and make comebacks, if for nothing else, to cash in on the fan’s nostalgia and make some money. Sometimes comebacks turn out to be great, but most of the time they are forgettable. Other times, they are downright terrible. Here are 21 comebacks that should have never happened.

1. Guns ‘n’ Roses

Some say that Guns’n’Roses were the greatest rock band of the last decades of the twentieth century, and possibly even the last great rock band ever. When they disbanded, people were hugely disappointed but reckoned– well, they had a good run. Everyone except Axl Rose, the cooky frontman who re-emerged in the early 2000s with a noticeably (and disturbingly) changed physique and a big dream – to release a new GNR album that would overshadow all the previous ones.

Not only it was an impossible task, but what Axl did today counts as one of the single worst comebacks in music industry ever. The album Chinese Democracy took forever to be released, they changed 13 studios, spent $13 million dollars and had a runtime of 71 minutes. Not even the stellar lineup of musicians (minus everyone who ever actually played in GNR) could make this anything other than a piece of junk and one of the worst rock albums of the decade.

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