21 Worst Love Songs Of All Time



We all love a good ballad or love song. When it really hits you, it’s hard to not get emotional. But not every love song is great. In fact, most are borderline ridiculous. Here is a list of the absolute worst love songs of all time.

1. I Used To Love Her – Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses wrote quite a few love songs in their heyday, some of them immensely successful (November Rain, Don’t Cry), some of them just plain wrong. I Used To Love Her is the kind of song that probably resonates the best with the kind of dangerous, bigoted, possibly psychotic types like the band’s frontman Axl Rose.

The song opens with the line “I used to love her, but I had to kill her,” which repeats again, in case you didn’t quite catch the fact that he murdered his girlfriend because she was too annoying, nagging and complaining all the time, as we find out soon enough.

The worst thing about this song is that you just know that somewhere there are a bunch of bros sitting around listening to it, laughing, high-fiving to the story of a guy who did what they all sometimes fantasize about and shouting “Damn right bro!”

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