20 Artists And Their Stalkers



It’s a common problem; celebrities from across the board of genres suffer the misfortune of having an obsessed fan take their celeb crush one step too far.

Here we take a look at 20 super famous musical artists and their stalkers.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga actually has two different stalker stories. One of them includes another celebrity. According to Gaga, she and gossip guy Perez Hilton used to be best buds, but that he later turned into a stalker and would not leave her along. This resulted in a serious feud between the two.

Gaga said that Hilton even tried to get an apartment in the same apartment building that she was living in at the time in New York City.

And then there was another stalking situation that Gaga went through. It was in 2010, and the stalker was a Russian student named Anastasia Obukhova. She wrote a letter to Gaga that was pretty much a death threat, saying that she wanted to kill Gaga and herself.

I am not Mark Chapman. It is not only you who will die. I will shoot a bullet through my head too,” she wrote.

The stalker tried to get backstage at a Gaga show in Russia, and Lady Gaga immediately got a restraining order against her after that.

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