20 Bands That Changed Their Lead Singers And Sparked A Revolution



Sometimes changing your frontman means changing your fanbase and kissing your preverbal ass goodbye.

But these twenty bands not only switched out . . . they switched out successfully and went on to rock the world.

1. Alice in Chains

Though no singer will be able to replace the great Layne Staley as the lead singer of Alice in Chains, they could not have found a better replacement after their singer’s death.

Alice in Chains were one of the most popular and influential rock bands of the 90s and a lot of it had to do to Staley unique voice and lyrics.

The band went through a lot with Staley at the helm, and even had to take a few hiatuses while Staley was going through problems and dealing with his constant problems with drug addiction.

He ended up dying in 2002 and many thought that Alice in Chains would never be on stage again.

However, they decided to reunite a couple of years later and finally found a good enough replacement to go on without Staley. That replacement was William DuVall, who was previously in a little known band called Comes with the Fall.

He was the perfect singer to make the band whole again. He is able to sing Staley songs perfectly in a live situation and still has a style all of his own. Best of all, his singing style mashes perfectly with the vocals of Alice in Chains guitarist and leader Jerry Cantrell.

The vocal harmonies between Cantrell and Staley were what made the vocals of the band very unique and instantly recognizable.

DuVall fits into this harmony work perfectly and also gives the band a new sound that does Staley justice without trying to copy him. As evidence of this and a new found creativity, the band has released two excellent albums with DuVall up front, in 2009 and 2013.

This has enables Alice in Chains to reach a whole new generation while still allowing old fans to hear great versions of their favorite Staley live thanks to DuVall’s brilliant interpretations of the early stuff.

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