7 Worst Saturday Night Live Musical Performances


Saturday Night Live is famous for its low-key, low-quality performances but these 7 take the cake and eat yours too!

1. Ashlee Simpson

Lip-sync obviously needs some work here, because apart from one vocal loop in the beginning, there was nothing. Simpson took the whole thing in her stride. Almost.

2. Kanye West

And we thought Kanye could actually sing. He’s supposed to, right – he’s a singer after all? Well, the people who saw this fiasco clearly felt his pain as he struggled through Love Lockdown.

3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What were the Peppers thinking? That they could waltz on stage, do a dynamite performance and walk away to the sound of applause? Think again Kiedis, because you really didn’t “have a partner” in Frusciante that night.

4. Britney Spears

It’s quite strange that you won’t be able to find this one on YouTube, but it was definitely there – Spears being speared on stage by the one song that took her from anonymity to stardom. Please, please, hit me one more time, people – I can’t stand to watch this.

5. Meat Loaf

One look at this video and you’ll think that the band used a completely different singer for all their albums. Marvin Lee Aday was having a bad day, for sure.

6. The Rolling Stones

Beast of Burden is such a classic that it’s a shame to see it rendered with a bark and a rasp. A construction crew foreman could have done a better job.

7. Marianne Faithfull

They say she took a vocal-chord-numbing drug right before the performance. Hmm, well it’s possible, but why are the backup singing so psyched? Maybe the wrong drugs went to the wrong person. The whole SNL performance thing puts most people off real music. Perhaps the entire music industry is filled with duplicitous people who can’t sing or play but just have great producers.

Worth a thought, isn’t it?

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  • Kyle ‘Chevontez’ Cheuvront

    What a weird article. It doesn’t mention the date or song that was performed, let alone post an actual video.

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