A Thousand Italians Play Foo Fighters At Once


This is probably the awesomest thing you will see this week. Apparently, there are a lot of people in Italy who love the Foo Fighters, which is totally understandable. But for some reason, the band has not played in the particular town of Romagna since 1997. So, some fans and musicians from that area decided that they were going to do something about it.

They decided to give it their best shot to create a viral video in order to get the band’s attention. What they came up with was getting 1,000 musicians together and having all of them play the Foo Fighters track “Learn to Fly” at the same time.

And it worked! The video has already gone viral. It’s pretty amazing to see that so many musicians from all over the country came, on their own dime, to participate in the event. Hopefully, they get that Foo Fighters concert soon.

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