Apple Users Can Now Delete Free U2 Album



Last week, the iTunes accounts of some 500 million users worldwide received a surprising and, for many (if not most), absolutely unwanted gift – U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence.”

What followed was a massive wave of complaints all over social media from users who not only were offended by the fact that something was simply implanted into their iTunes accounts without their approval, but also annoyed that they couldn’t figure out how to delete it.

On Monday, Apple responded by offering a tool called SOI Removal, a web page that lets users delete the album with one simple click of an icon. The company made sure to warn the users that, once deleted, the album will no longer be free for download.

There’s a good chance that most users won’t be particularly upset by that. The band, on the other hand, seemed surprised by the ungrateful public, since it is clear that they could have expected major sales of the record, but decided to basically give it away.

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