Arctic Monkeys Criticised For ‘Synchronised’ Shows



British rockers have been slammed for their “synchronised” live performances by their U.S. tour mates The Orwells.

They were joined by the U.S. band in numerous show on their U.S. trek earlier in 2014, and the up-and-coming American group was given an insight into how the tour was planned by the headliners.

Matt O’Keefe, the guitarist, has accused Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turnem of planning his comments to the crowd and for performing the same routine for each night of the tour.

O’Keefe told, “When you’re playing arenas and everything, it’s a huge production then the show has to become synchronised to work…

So every night no matter how he was feeling he’d go into that opening riff.

It was the exact same ad-libs he was putting between the songs. So we were with them for about 50 dates, you saw them once and you’d pretty much seen every date that they’d played.”

Singer, Mario Cuomo, added, “You can reach that level without turning into that.

Like Nirvana played bigger s**t than that and I’m sure it wasn’t like that and it’s probably a different show every night.

You don’t have to take that route, you can get that level of success with those size venues, that sort of thing but still treat it as a spontaneous show at a small club.

So it all just depends on the band, what they’re going for and what they feel comfortable with.

Like I would feel super uncomfortable if I knew what I was going to say in between songs.”

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