Ariana Grande Embarassed By Her First Music Video



The young American singer and actress Ariana Grande stated that she is deeply embarrassed by her music video debut, describing the promo for Put Your Hearts Up “inauthentic and fake” and the “worst moment of my life”.

She admits, “That was the worst moment of my life. For the video, they gave me a bad spray tan and put me in a princess dress and had me frolic around the street.

The whole thing was straight out of hell. I still have nightmares about it, and I made them hide it on my (video streaming website) Vevo page.”

Grande gained mainstream popularity after the single The Way from her debut album Yours Truly (2013) became a top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

She made her made her acting debut on Broadway in 2008 but received recognition in the entertainment industry after playing Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious.

In 2011, she tried herself in the music industry, releasing her first hit single Put Your Hearts Up.  Unfortunately, the video didn’t live up to the young artist’s expectations as she is clearly quite upset with its final version.

Grande was honoured by The Music Business Association in 2014 as Breakthrough Artist of the Year.  Therefore, one could conclude that filming the music video was the lowest point in her rising music career.

She told Rolling Stone, “It was geared toward kids and felt so inauthentic and fake.”  Hopefully, Grande will have better luck next time!

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