Beastie Boys Won’t Make Music Without Late MCA



The members of the Beastie Boys have vowed not to make any new music under the original band’s name after making such promise to late rapper Adam MCA Yauch, prior to his death in 2012.

The trio has not released any new music since 2011 album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Michael Mike D’Diamond revealed there won’t be Beastie Boys without its co-founder Yauch.

He announced the news during a hearing in the band’s ongoing copyright infringement battle against the bosses of Monster Beverage Corp. They stand accused of using five of the group’s songs in a promotional video without permission.

During his testimony on Friday, May 30, Diamond admitted he and Adam Ad-Rock Horovitz vowed to Yauch they won’t be making music without the full band.

Testifying at Manhattan Federal Court, he said, “We have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died. We can’t make new music.”

Diamond took the stand on Monday, June 2 when defense lawyer Dana Susman attempted to name them as hypocrites, after the rapper said they turned down “a lot of money” after producers behind Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent film Sabotage asked them for permission to use their 1994 song of the same name.

Susman alleged they have received a fee of $600 (£375) in exchange for the portion of the song, but he insisted he had no idea about the deal and claimed any agreement because they are “fans of that show”, reports the New York Daily News.

The band previously performed on Fallon’s previous show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, prior to Yauch’s death.


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