Bieber Stole Drake Bell’s Thunder



Pop star Justin Bieber continues to behave Bieberish, after he had stolen Drake Bell’s thunder by upstaging him at his new album launch, he went online and teased him about it.

Bell is known to often send mean comments to Justin via, but Justin has been ignoring him. However, Justin was patient and waited for the right time for his revenge.

On Thursday night, April 17 he caused a storm at Bell’s new album launch.

Justin caused some jaws to drop at the Grove in Los Angeles by pulling up in a van, which caused the mass to go wild and gather around him.

He later posted a picture on his profile, captioning, “So nice seeing my fans at The Grove tonight.”

Bieber then added a photo of Bell looking at his van, with an ironic caption, saying, “Why is @justinbieber sprinter van getting more attention than my album release party.” The message was later removed.

Bell then answered, “@justinbieber dude! Thank you for coming to my party I didn’t know you were downstairs sorry they didn’t let you in!! Should have hmu!” he wrote.

Bell has said his music as being influenced by The Beatles and The Beach Boys, with the Beatles being his main influence.

He says that three of his other influences are Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello.
In February 2014, Bell had filed for bankruptcy protection in California. He said to be around $600,000 in debt.

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