Bieber’s New Single Already Charting And It Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet



People sure do love Justin Bieber, huh? Considering that he hasn’t had a new album since 2012, his fans are really stoked for his new track “What Do You Mean?” which is set to be released on August 28.

In fact, the track is one of the most shared tracks on the Internet according to Billboard and Twitter Top Tracks charts, and it hasn’t even been released yet. Of course, the promotion for the track is crazy, with Bieber tapping a lot of his celebrity friends to promote the campaign.

Billboard + Twitter Tops Tracks is basically a ranking system that show which songs are being talked about and shared the most in the U.S., and Bieber is obviously always a hot topic. In the last week alone, Bieber was mentioned 1.6 million times just on Twitter. That’s a lot of mentions, and it’s only expected to get crazier as the single’s release date nears.

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