Bob Marley Worldwide Cannabis Brand Launched



Bob Marley is one of the greatest music legends and the single most important name in reggae music.

He was also a great supporter of cannabis and its various uses, not just the recreational ones. In lieu of the worldwide trend of cannabis decriminalization and legalization, his family thought the moment was right to launch the first global cannabis brand.

The brand is called Marley Natural and includes various accessories and products infused with cannabis, such as lotions, soaps and oils. The company behind this brand, Privateer Holdings, is based in Washington, one of the first US states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella, who is involved with the brand, says that her father would be delighted to see that the herb and its healing powers are finally being put to good use.

The CEO of Privateer Holdings, Brendan Kennedy, agrees that Bob Marley is probably the person most associated with cannabis ever and that it is only natural the cannabis brand should carry his name.

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