Britney Spears Expresses Love For Nicki Minaj


Britney Spears - "I Am Britney Jean"

Who would have thought that Britney Spears would be a Nicki Minaj fan?

It turns out that she is. The pop singer posted on her Facebook page yesterday, stating that she loves Minaj’s new album “The Pinkprint” and she encouraged her fans to check it out. She even left a link to the iTunes page where people could purchase the album.

It seems that Spears fans like Minaj already, because the post got thousands of likes and shares within minutes of it being posted.

When asked about the future of her own career, Spears said that she does not expect to be in the business more than a 10 years from now.

She also said that she would love to have more children in the near future, but that she has not found the right guy yet. Spears already has two kids and looks great for her age, as the recent photo shoot with Women’s Health showed the world.

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