Casablancas Took Arcade Fire’s Frontman Place On Stage



The Strokes star Julian Casablancas amazed the fans at an Arcade Fire’s concert in Argentina on Tuesday, April 1st, when he wore one of the band’s trademark masks instead of their frontman Win Butler.

The band was at South American branch of the Lollapalooza festival, held in Buenos Aires, as always, wearing their huge head props.

In the middle of their song Rebellion (Lies), the crowd was stunned when Butler ran onto stage and pulled off the mask of frontman, revealing it was actually Casablancas.

Since it was April Fools’ Day, they put on a show and the audience went wild, with the rocker shouting, “What the f**k is this? Get out of here. Not cool.”

Then he took the microphone and his place on stage.

Casablancas also performs on Lollapalooza’s Latin tour which hit Chile on March 24th and will travel to Brazil afterwards for the weekend of April 5-6th.

Arcade Fire’s masks were recently in the news for a different reason, as multi-instrumentalist Richard Reed Parry saw his bobblehead go missing after a show in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The band released a statement about the incident saying: “This mask is a one of a kind piece that is an essential component to our live show,” they wrote.

“We have photos of the theft but rather than press charges we would prefer if the person who took it would get in touch with us to return it. Perhaps this is all an innocent mistake and you meant to leave the venue with your own oversized paper mache rendition of Richard Parry’s head? Please contact: [email protected] with any information.”

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