Cher Will Be Featured On Wu-Tang Clan’s Album



Veteran singer Cher will be a surprising guest on Wu-Tang Clan’s new collective and much-anticipated album.

Her vocals will be included on the band’s upcoming record The Wu – One Upon a Time in Shaolin.

A representative for the Believe star confirmed the news to, saying, “She recorded her parts separately, so I don’t believe there was direct interaction.”

When it was time for each Wu member to record his part, the rappers rhymed over similar-sounding beats, but not the original, to avoid any leaks. According to Azzougarh, no one in the group, including RZA, was given final copies of the album.

In 2013, the group hinted the strange collaboration during a webchat. The said, “(The record) includes special guest appearances by Bonnie Jo Mason.

The pseudonym Bonnie Jo Mason was the one Cher used when she released Ringo, I Love You, back in 1964.

The hip-hop group will sell one copy of the exclusive double album to the highest bidder-fan later in 2014. It will first tour art exhibitions around the world in “a hand carved nickel-silver box”, designed by British-Moroccan artist Yahya.

On Wednesday, Forbes released a sample from Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, giving the public its first taste of the tightly guarded LP.

Cher’s voice can be heard at the end of the teaser and observant fanatic fans had already noted that an early Cher alias, Bonnie Jo Mason, is listed in the album’s official credits.

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