Chris Brown Finally Obeying Probation Officers



Chris Brown attended a probation progress hearing recently, and the judge said that he was doing well.

The hearing stems from being arrested earlier this year, which violated the terms of his probation after he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, fellow pop star Rihanna in 2009.

The judge in the case said that Brown has been showing good cooperation since his last hearing in August. But the judge is not going easy on Brown. He has increase the amount of times he needs to do community service every week from three to four time.

His probation is expected to end in January, so they are making sure that he will meet his work requirements by his January 15 hearing. Brown’s probation was first revoked when he was arrested because of an altercation he and his friends had in front of a Washington DC hotel in October of last year.

He then went to rehab and started attending anger management classes. He was then kicked out of rehab and arrested in March, which lead to a short stint in prison.


Rihanna inside the LA Superior Court in 2009

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