Creed’s Ex-Singer Starts Fundraiser For Solo Album



No one had heard from former Creed singer Scott Stapp for many years, until last week. This is when Stapp made a video and released it online, claiming that he was pretty much broke and homeless. It’s hard to imagine that someone who was in such a hugely successful band so recently was able to lose all of it, but that seems to be what happened with Stapp.

But he’s looking to make a comeback. And he wants to do it with the help of his fans, if there still are any out there. He believes that there are plenty, which is why is has started a fundraiser to help record his new solo album. Stapp said that he needs $485,000 to make the album.

He said that he needs that much money so that he could work again with the producer and engineer who worked with him while was in Creed. Stapp also said that he is looking to start writing a fiction book as well.

Stapp has had quite a week, one in which his wife filed for divorce, claiming that he disappeared from his home and has threatened to kill himself and harm his family on several occasions.

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