D’Angelo Releases First Album In 14 Years



Remember D’Angelo? The sexy R&B singer with the rock hard abs from the steamy “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” music video from over a decade ago? He’s back and stronger than ever with his new album “Black Messiah,” which dropped on midnight Sunday.

And there are a lot of timely songs on his album. One called “The Charade” includes the lines “All we wanted was a chance to talk, instead we only got outlined in chalk.”

It’s also symbolic that his album release party took place in New York City just one day after 25,000 people came out to protest police brutality against unarmed black Americans.

There have been many rumors over the past couple of years about a new album from D’Angelo, but they never seemed to materialize in the form of new music, until now.

Fans will remember his 2012 interview with GQ, in which he talked about being absent from music and struggling with addiction, and a lot of the new album talks about his personal journey and what he has been going through over the last 15 years.

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