Diplo Attacks Taylor Swift’s Figure On Twitter



Well this is not very nice. Producer Diplo, who is currently better known as Katy Perry’s boyfriend, started making fun of Taylor Swift’s figure out of the blue on Twitter this week.

We have no idea why he’s so obsessed with the pop star. He might just be trying to get some publicity, considering the fact that Swift is this year’s best selling artist in the entire music industry.

He tweeted to his million followers that there should be an online fund-raising campaign to get Swift a better derriere. His followers responded immediately, creating a fundraiser on a site called Fundly for the Get Taylor Swift A Booty Campaign. Diplo offered $35 to the cause under his real name, Wesley Pentz.

Someone fought back, however. Fellow pop icon Lorde tweeted angrily at Diplo, saying that people should start a campaign for getting him a bigger penis. Ouch! Lorde with the sick burn!

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