Do We Like Puscifer’s New Track?



In case you missed it, Maynard Keenan’s brainchild Puscifer will be releasing a new album on October 30 and it will be called Money Shot. Maynard sat down with the people from Rolling Stone for a rare (and quite straightforward) interview, but more importantly, also debuted the title track from the album.

So, do we like it?

In short, yes. Yes, we like it. It is a no-nonsense track that starts off with a brutal rhythm that keeps trucking along as the guitar jumps in, followed by Maynard doing his thing. And just as you think that’s that, the chorus gets even heavier and it’s great.

As far the interview is concerned, Maynard revealed that Puscifer will be going on an American tour starting November 1. When asked about Tool’s new album, he didn’t have anything encouraging to say. According to him, there’s no music to write lyrics to at the moment.

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