Drake Dials Up New Video for “Hotline Bling”



If you were on the look out for a new video from rap star Drake, here it is! The 6 God just released a new video on Apple Music for his hit single “Hot Bling.” The song is already a huge hit, and has been hogging the number two spot on the Billboard charts for some time now.

However, it has yet to reach the number one spot, which is why Drake is promoting it so hard. Drake said on Instagram that he has never had a number one Billboard single, and that if it happens this month with “Hotline Bling,” it’s going to be the greatest moment of his career so far.

The single is already a smash hit, with people like Erykah Badu and Keyshia Cole already doing cover versions of it.

The video is pretty cool too. Directed by director X, it has everything you need from a rap video, but especially girls in yoga pants dancing.
Drake – Apple Music

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