Elvis Presley Guitarist Scotty Moore Dies At 84



Most people are only interested in the musicians in the spotlight, the ones that grab our complete attention and keep it as long as they’re on stage. Sadly, we tend to forget about the other, equally important band members. If the name Scotty Moore isn’t familiar to you, then you know little of Elvis Presley’s legacy.

Scotty Moore, the guitar mastermind behind “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Hound Dog,” and many other Presley’s classics, died yesterday, June 28th, at the age of 84 in Nashville, Rolling Stone reports.

Moore and the young Elvis Presley were paired by pure chance, but their compatibility was obvious momentarily. Soon after, Blue Moon Boys were assembled and as Elvis Presley’s band, they made music that still inspires musicians and performed hundreds of concerts together.

Moore’s unique sound and approach to music enriched Presley’s hits and music history would have definitely been much different if the two legends hadn’t met.

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