EofE’s New Single Is Better Than You Think


EofE is a rock band from Black Country, UK and they started playing in 2013. In the two years they have been around, they have garnered some very positive press, both for their original material and especially for their live performances.

This crossover rock band released the single Wake Up back in April and we almost feel ashamed that it took us this long to discover it. We discovered it in the most old-school way possible – on the radio.

When you hear a song that you really like on radio for the first time, you just know that there is something there. And there really is – the riffs are tight and to the point, the drumming is better than you realize the first time you hear the song and the bass is thumping.

You can hear their influences distinctly but it is still a very much their song. The weirdest thing is that it sounds like something you have heard many times before – a hallmark of a really great song. Of course, you can check it out. Please do.

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