Ferreira Strike Back On Video Critics



Singer Sky Ferreira has responded to online critics related to her music video, where she uses only black dancers.

Her new single I blame Myself portrays her in a run-down Los Angeles neighbourhood with a group of black men.

She appears to be a gang leader in the video and gets arrested later on, but some fans are suggesting that she uses racial stereotypes to promote her work.

The 21-year old singer has hit back the critics with insisting she chose her dancers on merit and not skin colour.

She wrote on Facebook.com, “Nothing upsets me more than being called racist because that is one of the most hateful things anyone can be.

Not only do I find it insulting towards myself but I also feel insulted for the actors & dancers & my family in the video.”

“No, I did not use black back-up dancers as ‘props’. I never have and never will look at any human being as a prop. That’s disgusting.It’s also an idea that has never crossed my mind, which is what I find questionable of the people telling me that I did so.

Dancers are objects? How dare you! Dancers make things come to life.”

“If they were white would they be considered “props”? I auditioned a bunch of dancers, all races & my dancers were the best ones…

Would you feel more at ease if I danced with a bunch (of) blonde white boys at a mall? Should I consciously only cast white dancers for now on (sic)?”

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