Garth Brooks Has Released Comeback Album


Garth Brooks World Tour Opening Night - Rosemont, IL

Garth Brooks did something that you don’t see many musicians do.

He decided to leave music while he was still incredibly popular. Brooks decided that he needed a break and that he wanted to spend more time with his family, so he left and was not heard from for well over ten years.

But the country star – who was easily the biggest country singer of the 1990s and without whom country music would probably not be such a popular style of music as it is today – is back with “Man Against Machine.”

This is his first album of original material in over a decade. And he already has some songs that are making a big splash on country radio. Will Brooks be able to break back into the country spotlight? Or will he simply be looked at as a nostalgia act from a bygone era? Only time will tell.

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