Gwen Stefani Stoked About Eminem Collaboration



We love seeing weird, outside-the-box collaborations, because they are always sure to be exciting. That’s why it’s exciting to hear about former No Doubt front lady Gwen Stefani and rap bad boy Eminem getting into the studio together.

They got together to record a track called “Kings Never Die,” which is an Eminem song that will be featured in the upcoming boxing drama called Southpaw.

But Stefani said that the collaboration was almost a disaster. She said that she was having a bad day vocally, but the sound engineer in the studio was able to make something out of her voice in the end that she was really happy with.

She also talked about how surreal it was to get a call on her cell phone from Eminem while driving her kids to soccer practice, thanking her for working with him.

Stefani said that the call was on speaker and that she just had to tell Eminem not to swear, because she was in a minivan full of children!

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