Hank3 Jeers Tom Hiddleston’s Impersonation Of His Grandfather


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Tom Hiddleston has been cast as country music god Hank Williams in the upcoming movie “I Saw the Light,” but someone in Williams’ family is not convinced.

In particular, Williams’ grandson Hank Williams III, who performs as Hank3, is not that impressed with the way Hiddleston performed some of his grandfather’s songs at the Wheatland Music Festival last weekend.

Hank3 said that if you really want to make a good Hank Williams movie, you need to cast an actor who is from the South and who eats, lives and breathes those kinds of roles.

So if he were to replace Hiddleston with someone else, who would it be? According to Hank3, Matthew McConaughey would be perfect for the role.

He said that McConaughey is perfect because he is from the South, and that no amount of acting lessons can make you act southern. Hank3 also said that McConaughey has a natural arrogance to himself that he believes the role really needs, adding that his grandfather was a very cocky guy.

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