Here’s Why Eminem Became Slim Shady



Eminem is the best-selling hip hop artist of all time, and much of that success came from the style evoked by his alter ego, Slim Shady. But not many people knew about Eminem before then. He was a great rapper even before his breakout Slim Shady album, but he was a different kind of rapper.

Eminem’s first release was called “Infinite.” It was considerably praised in the underground rap community, but the majority of critics had the same things to say about Em. One was that he was kind of soft, and the other was that he reminded people of other rappers – particularly New York legend AZ.

According to D12, everyone in the group of Detroit rappers that Eminem once led, but is no longer a part of, had an alter ego. And the one Eminem created was Slim Shady.

Slim Shady had his own twisted style, leaving no topic sacred and offending just about every politically correct person on the planet. And of course, this no-holds-barred character that he created ended up launching the once “soft and safe” rapper into superstardom.

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