Is Flipagram Next Big Thing In Music And Social Media?



Have you ever heard of Flipagram? Probably not, but you will know about it soon. It already has over 33 million users and it just received an investment of over $70 million to continue development.

It has also just struck a deal with a large number of labels, both major and independent, to get access to their libraries of music. You can also export those stories and share them on Instagram and Facebook, which is how it’s been gaining its popularity.

What the app does is that it lets users create short photo or video stories set to music. And celebrities are already using it too. One Direction, Garth Brooks, Britney Spears and Madonna are already on it.

The app is linked with the music industry because it pretty much acts as a cool new way for artists to be promoted. Every time you use a song in your flip movie, there is a prominently displayed link to the iTunes store where people watching your clip can go to purchase the song.

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