Is Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Wearing A Thong?



Do you want to talk about thong-gate? Yes, it’s actually a thing, and it has to do with the drummer of metal’s most successful band of all time, Metallica. Lars Ulrich is known for being a bit of an annoying character, so naturally, media and fans can’t wait to jump on him when the opportunity presents itself.

And the opportunity did present itself this week, when a photo of the drummer leaked in which it looks like Ulrich is wearing a thong while playing.

At first glance, it definitely looks like he is wearing a red thong in the picture. However, it turns out it was just a shadow on his butt that was made by his shirt in combination with the stage lights.

Ulrich’s press people actually released a statement about it, stating that it’s clear that the thong image is the result of a shadow and that if you look closely, it’s clear to see that Ulrich is playing drums without wearing any underwear at all!

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