Is There A New 2Pac Movie In The Works?



We already know that there is one biopic about legendary late rapper 2Pac in the works, but it seems that there is a new one on the horizon as well.

This one is going to focus on a more specific time of the rapper’s life, and it is going to be directed by someone who worked with 2Pac while he was still alive. The director will be Gobi Rahimi, who directed some of the rapper’s biggest videos like “Hit Em Up” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

According to Rahimi, the movie, which he is going to fund through Indiegogo, will focus exclusively on the last seven days of the rappers life.

Rahimi is looking to raise $300,000 for the project. He added that he witnesses the last week of 2Pac’s life first hand and that he owes it to his friend to tell the world the real story. He added that the movie is neither a documentary nor will there be an actor playing 2Pac, so the format of the movie isn’t really that clear, but it sounds promising.

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