Jack White was Almost Featured on Yeezus



According to ex-The White Stripes leader Jack White, he was supposed to be help work on Kanye West’s 2013 album Yeezus, but the plan was never realized.

He said that Kanye West reached out to him while he was wrapping up the Yeezus sessions and expressed an interest in working with him.

However, White said that the two never got to work together in the end. He also adds that he was very disappointed that he missed the opportunity after he got to see West live in concert.
White said that watching Kanye live was one of the greatest things that he has ever seen. He said that it was one of the most punk shows he’s ever seen and that it was completely an in your face experience.

White said that he also sent Jay Z some tracks earlier because he wanted to work with the famous new York rapper. However, Jay Z never got back to them. According to White, that was probably an indication that he really didn’t like what he was hearing.

White said that if he ever gets another opportunity to work with West, he will definitely be taking advantage of it.

It wouldn’t be that strange, considering that The Black Keys, who have a similar bluesy sound, have already worked with a lot of famous rappers and provided them with beats.
White did not comment on what he was doing and whether he will have any new music of his own coming out any time soon.

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