Justin Bieber Is Making A New Remix With Drake



Justin Bieber seems to be on a roll when it comes to remixes and cooperation with some of the best performers in show business. First, he achieved major success with Jack Ü’s hit single “Where are Ü now” last year.

Now, MTV reports that this year, as summer is upon us, Bieber will be a part of a highly-anticipated remix project featuring Drake. With Drake’s hit “One dance,” the two will certainly be omnipresent in our ears and on our radios. How do we know this? During a Formula 1 party that took place on May 28th, guests were able to hear the remix that hasn’t been published yet, featuring Bieber’s voice over the “One dance” beat.

It seems that Bieber has a touch of Midas when it comes to summer hits, and though Drake’sOne dance” is already wildly popular, chances are that the song will soon reach new heights.


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