Justin Timberlake Shares Cute Photos Of His Son



Pop star Justin Timberlake does not share pictures of his infant son often, but when he does, they are super cute. The singer performed on the Tonight Show last night and absolutely slayed, but it was actually his little son that ended up stealing the show.

He brought some photos of his son Silas Randall and showed them off, and then the Tonight Show tweeted them so that everyone who didn’t watch the show could see.

Timberlake and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, do not share that many pictures of their five-month old, and have only done so a couple of times on social media. So, every chance we get to see the cute little bugger, we should be taking advantage of.

And as you can clearly see in the photo, little Silas definitely has his dad’s eyes. We’re sure he’s going to be a lady-killer in no time at all.

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