Kanye West Makes Surprise Visit To LA College


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Even though the media always tries to make him out as an egotistical man-child, Kanye West does in fact do a lot for his community.

A good example of West giving back was the visit that he made this week to the LA Trade Technical College.

Kanye spent a couple of hours talking to students about music, fashion and life. He held a lecture to students from the digital communications department, and then also made time for trouble youths.

West said that he was not trying to teach anything to the students, he just wanted to talk with them and share some of his life experiences.

According to a student that attended the lecture, Kanye talked a lot about his inspirations in music and fashion. Among his biggest influences, he mentioned rapper turned actor Ice Cube, 2Pac, Steve Jobs and his own grandfather. The visit was a part of a community service sentence that was handed out to the rapper after he allegedly hit a photographer last year.

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