Kanye West Speaks Out About The Wheelchair Incident



After the media outrage over his gaffe in Sydney last week, Kanye West decided to hit back and speak his mind on what he believes to be a non-scandal and a total overreaction.

During his show in Brisbane, West delivered an epic rant on how there are so many more important things going on in the world right now, but the media choose to focus on what happened in Sydney.

He went on to talk about his music, his artistry and his willingness to die for what he believes in. He also said that he chose not to make a Twitter statement or an apology and instead decided to speak directly to the people about what went down.

And what went down was that West called out two members of the audience, castigating them for not standing up, only to realize, too late of course, that one of them had a prosthetic limb and the other one was in a wheelchair.

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