Kate Bush Makes Sensational Return To The Concert Stage

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Kate Bush has finally returned to the stage after being absent since 1979.

The renowned farseeing artist performed in the famous Hammersmith Apollo in west London, the same venue where she decided to retire from live shows 35 years ago.

She thanked her numerous fans for their ‘’warm and positive response’’ and received a standing ovation as she closed the first out of 22 shows titled Before the Dawn. Unsurprisingly, more than 80,000 tickets were sold for her comeback shows in less than 15 minutes after they were announced in March.

The first night was described as “the musical event of the decade”, and both the critics and the fans praised her ‘spellbinding’ performance. For instance, the Independent’s Andy Gill gave her a five-star review.

“It’s quite stunning, undoubtedly the most ambitious, and genuinely moving, piece of theatrical pop ever seen on a British stage,”

he wrote.

Bush also introduced her son Bertie, 16, as one of the performers in the shows.

The singer recently said that he had encouraged her to perform again and that she wouldn’t have made it without his support.

“Without his encouragement and enthusiasm,”

she wrote,

“particularly in the early stages when I was very frightened to commit to pushing the ‘go’ button, I’m sure I would have backed out.”

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  • UtopianPlan

    my first clue this list would be heavy on mistakes and overboard on pc…..was the fact that there is no author credited. kudos on Liz Phair and Lucinda Williams…..but to totally ignore (or better yet…admit you forgot it) the watershed album of the decade…..the album everyone was listening to…..shows some musical ignorance on the part of the author(s) of this list……in forgetting Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt…which should be at #1.