Katy Perry Will Play The Super Bowl Halftime Show After All


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The Super Bowl Halftime Show is probably the most sought-after gig for recording artists and every year there is so much talk about who will be performing.

Since August, there were several artists rumored as top choices, Katy Perry among them, along with Rihanna and possibly Coldplay.

Things got interesting after The Wall Street Journal wrote that the NFL will ask the Halftime Show performers to contribute a portion of their subsequent income to the league, or some other form of financial incentive in exchange for the gig.

When asked about the possibility of her performing at Super Bowl XLIX on College Game Day, Perry responded quite vigorously that she was “not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl.”

Now, according to several well-informed sources, it seems that she will, after all, be performing at the halftime show. It seems that the NFL came up with a sweet deal for her to change her mind.

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