Kesha Testified Back In 2011 That Dr. Luke Never Abused Her 



Pop superstar Kesha is entangled in a bitter legal struggle with her producer Dr. Luke. Kesha accused him of abusing her both sexually and emotionally and is asking for the producer to release her from her recording contract.

However, Dr. Luke has hit back with a lawsuit of his own, claiming defamation. It seems that Dr. Luke has some legal documents up his still that can sway the courts to his side.

According to sources, Dr. Luke has obtained legal documents from a court case in 2011 during which Kesha swore under oath that Dr. Luke had never harmed her in any way. According to Kesha’s legal advisers and counsel, Kesha was protecting the producer back in 2011 because she was afraid of him and had a very close relationship with him as well.

Kesha signed with him when she was 18 years old and he basically made her a star, so it’s easy to see why she might have been afraid to testify against him.

One thing is for certain, this legal battle looks like it won’t be ending any time soon.

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