Kevin Gates Completely Cool With Bedding His Cousin


Kevin Gates is a popular rapper from Louisiana who openly talks about his drug use, especially his love for codeine and “that purple drank.”

So, that’s why no topics are really off limits when it comes to discussing them. It should really be no surprise that Gates came out on Instagram to tell his fans and the world that he is currently having sex with his cousin.

According to the social media post, his grandma informed Gates that his girlfriend of three months is a first cousin. But guess what, Gates is absolutely fine with it. He said that he’s not even thinking of stopping having sex with her and said that he will continue with the relationship.

“Y’all done got the hard part out of the way,” Gates said. “Why **** up a good thing?”

Even if the relationship does last, sadly, he won’t be able to wed his cousin, since marrying your first cousin is illegal in the state of Louisiana.

Real Talk #bwa #idgt

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