Kids Convinced J-Lo to Record “Booty”



Jennifer Lopez wasn’t sure whether she should record the song “Booty,” considering the fact that she is a mother. She was literally ready to discard the track, until her twins stepped in.

Of course, the song is about Lopez’s famous backside, and she was a little wary about recording it, considering she is 45, a mother, and the song focuses on the female behind.

Lopez said that she was on the edge about it, but then she played the song in her car to her children, and they loves it. This was when she realized that it was just a fun song that needs to be released. She added that the lyrics are empowering and that there should not be an age limit for performers when it comes to having fun and being sexy.

“Booty” has become a huge radio hit and has brought Lopez back into the limelight after she took some time off from her music career to focus on her family.

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