Kongos Create Alt Rock Ready For Arenas



If you’re looking for a well-oiled rock machine that has hooks for days, look no further than to Kongos. One of the most interesting things about the band is that they are all siblings – Dylan, Jesse, Daniel, and Johnny Kongos. They also have music in their veins and heritage. Their father is John Kongos, a popular singer and songwriter from South Africa who scored a big hit in the 1970s called “He’s Gonna Step on You Again.”

The group comes out of Phoenix and they have been on their grind since 2007. That is the year they put their debut album out and got on the map. They’re latest album, “Lunatic” from 2012, shows an even more mature group that is already ready for prime time.

If you love alternative rock with huge hooks and jangling guitars like Kings of Leon and later Muse, then this might be your cup of tea. We’d be surprise if we didn’t see Kongos opening up for a band of that stature on tour this year and subsequently blowing up.

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