Lil Wayne Signs Deal With Tidal



Rapper Lil Wayne made a statement this weekend that stunned a lot of fans around the world. He proclaimed that he had signed a deal with his idol, Jay Z.

This lead a lot of people to speculate that he had actually signed a record deal with the New York rap mogul’s Roc Nation, since he has been beefing for a long time already with his label Cash Money Records.

However, that’s not what it means. Wayne is still on Cash Money’s roster, but he has also become a co-owner of Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming music service. And to celebrate this, he released an exclusive track called “Glory” on the service.

So as far as Cash Money goes, Wayne is still on board, despite the fact that they won’t put his album out and that he has been threatening to leave the label he helped build. But for now, he is still on the label and is not on Roc Nation, like the rumors were saying.

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